Specification For Window Screens

Short Form Specification for Window Screens

Insect screens according to this specification shall be “Emerald” insect screens. They shall be manufactured according to the Emerald Flyscreens manufacturing specifications. The made to measure products shall allow for flexible installation.

“Emerald” Insect Screens for Windows shall consist of extruded aluminium frame sections (24mm x 11mm) in a closed tubular form. The sections shall be formed with a groove on one side to hold the mesh by means of a plastic spline. The spline shall have a knurled circumference (lengthwise) and the diameter shall be such as to fit neatly into the frame groove holding the mesh taut.

Specification for Window ScreensAn additional recess on the rear surface of the frame shall be capable of holding a dense woolpile strip (5mm deep) . To bridge the gap between overlapping sliding screens 8mm woolpile is used.

The frame shall have mitred corners and the frame sections shall be connected by machined aluminium angle-shaped corner inserts which fit tightly into the sections. The extruded components shall be finished in white powder coat paint.

Mesh of 18 x 16 gauge shall be of black PVC coated woven fibreglass thread. The diameter of the thread shall be 0.28mm and the threads shall have a tensile strength of 1.5 kg and be fused at each joint. Water, oil, grease, corrosion, etc. shall not affect the mesh.

Installation components and frame sections shall be matched in size and where possible finish and allow hinged, fixed or sliding installations.

Hinged window screens shall be fixed internally to windows that open outwards and be either side or top hung. Hinges shall be of white nylon construction with a removable stainless steel centre pin to enable easy removal of screens. Screens shall be secured by white plastic turn buttons. Where necessary screens shall be mounted on build-off sub frames of sufficient depth to provide clearance for the existing window furniture. Hinged screens are not recommended for windows greater than 1 metre square.

Sliding window screens shall slide in extruded twin aluminium track of overall dimensions 40mm wide x 30mm deep. Additionally the track shall incorporate an 18mm deep wall flange to conceal the joint between the channel and window reveal though this can be removed where the channel is to abut a flat surface.

Twin track channel is usually fitted to the sill, the underside of the lintel and the edges of the reveal to form a rectangular frame. This frame has mitred corners held together with self tapping screws which grip in special grooves incorporated into the base of the channel.

Screens shall slide on a plastic packer strip fitted inside the lower tracks. To remove screens from channels they are first lifted up into the top channel and the bottom edge of the screen can then be swung out of the lower track.


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Emerald Flyscreens maintain a constant commitment to development and therefore reserve the right to amend specification and design without further notice.

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