Sliding Window Screens

Sliding Window Screens

Sliding Window Screens are especially useful in applications where, due to the size of the window, hinged window screens could be a bit unwieldy. They can also be used to protect a number of opening sashes all contained within a single window recess.

In our double sliding window screens, two independently moving screens slide horizontally one behind the other along a sturdy aluminium outer framework to form a perfect insect proof seal, whilst allowing easy access to open, close and clean the windows. Occasionally it is possible to fit a double sliding screen set vertically to protect vertically sliding double sash windows.

Sliding Window Screens from Emerald FlyscreensOn occasions when a single outward opening window is sited adjacent to a fixed window of similar size it is sometimes possible to fit a single sliding screen. The screen stays normally “parked” in front of the fixed window and is slid sideways to protect the opening window when required.

On sites where features such as dishwashers, sinks with raised up stands or suspended ceilings would obstruct the path of hinged window screens, sliding window screens are often the perfect solution

All sliding screens are aluminium framed and have been designed specifically for industrial and commercial use. Each sliding screen has mitred corners and a flat smooth face that make it unobtrusive and easy to clean.

Our sliding screens can be fitted on the internal face of the wall, on the corner of the window reveal or sited inside the window reveal to suit individual requirements.

Screens are available in a white powder coat finish. To remove the screens for cleaning the screen is lifted up into the top sliding channel allowing the lower edge of the screen to be swung free. The frames can be cleaned with a domestic cream cleaner as and when required. The mesh can be cleaned with gentle brushing, using liquid soap and water if necessary.

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