Screen On Sub Frame

Screen On Sub Frame

A Screen on Sub Frame is the type of screen most often required in commercial food premises and accounts for over 75% of the window screens we install.

Why is a sub frame needed? Protruding handles are the main problem when fitting screens against windows with uPVC, aluminium or metal frames. If the screen is fitted directly to the window frame there is a risk that the protruding handles of the window will damage the mesh.

To overcome this problem a build-off sub frame made from a white solid plastic extrusion is secured to the frame surrounding the window and the screen is attached to the face of the sub-frame by hinges and securing buttons. The majority of modern window handles project by less than 50mm and our standard build-off sub frame can accommodate the protrusion of such handles.

Sub Frame form Emerald FlyscreensThe sub frame is fixed permanently in position around the window opening and any small gaps due to uneven plastering, etc are sealed with silicone to provide a smooth clean finish.

If the windows are fitted with bar linked folding openers (or similar) which project by over 50mm it may be possible to fit a deeper non-standard sub frame. Alternatively sliding window screens in a frame fitted to the front of the window recess may be an option.

Our standard hinged window screens are fitted to the sub frames. Each screen has a built in nylon brush pile in the back that crushes against the sub-frame to form a perfect seal. Hinged screens can be made to open horizontally or vertically.

All fly screens are available in a white powder coat finish. The frames can be cleaned with a domestic cream cleaner as and when required. The mesh can be cleaned with gentle brushing, using liquid soap and water if necessary.

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