Patio Door Fly Screens


Patio door fly screens can be fitted either internally or externally. The position and type of screen will usually be determined by the size and position of the patio door handle.

Patio Door Fly ScreenDouble sliding patio door fly screens are available for fixing externally to cover the whole of the patio door area protecting against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects. The screens slide in a twin aluminium track that is fitted to the outside of the patio door frame.

Alternatively, it may be possible to fit a single sliding screen to the inside of the door. The screen slides in an aluminium channel across the opening to form a perfect seal.

The patio door screen frame is constructed from a heavier sturdier section that is able to support the larger meshed area. The standard mesh used is a charcoal grey woven fibre glass mesh though other types of mesh are available on application. Patio door fly screens and sliding track framework are available in white powder coat finish.

Occasionally sliding patio door screens may not be a suitable option and it may be necessary to consider alternative screening..

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