Chain Winder and Screen

The Chain Winder and Screen System offers the ideal solution to awkward access windows by attaching a small winder mechanism to allow easy operation of the window. A Fly Screen is fitted internally to ensure a 100% insect proof window.

Chain Winder from Emerald FlyscreensWhen the handle is turned the chain winder sends out a specially designed chain that opens the window.

The lower edge of the fly screen incorporates a plastic strip which is cut out to fit neatly around the housing of the chain winder.

The System is used to make windows behind fly screens easier and quicker to open as well as prolonging the life of the insect screens. This is achieved by removing the need to move the screens to open and close the windows thus saving time and preventing wear and tear and potential damage to the insect screen.

The chain winder is easy to use, all you have to do is rotate the handle clockwise to open the window and anticlockwise to close the window

Our Insect Screens and winders are available in a white powder coat finish. They can be cleaned with a domestic cream cleaner as and when required. The mesh can be cleaned with gentle brushing, using liquid soap and water if necessary

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