Canopy For Insect Screens

Canopy For Insect Screens

Canopy for Insect Screens is often necessary if screens have to be fitted externally. The canopy is secured to the external face of the window frame or surrounding brickwork.

The canopy takes the form of a self coloured aluminium box with flanges for wall fixing and screen mounting.

Canopy For Insect Screens From Emerald FlyscreensIt is ideal for covering centre pivot windows and louvers.

Hinged window screens or semi-permanently fixed fly screens are fitted to the external face of the canopies, allowing ventilation in, whilst keeping unwanted airborne pests out.

As the window opens inside the box the operation and access to the window are unaffected. Canopy boxes are available in depths of either 200mm or 300mm; the depth required being determined by the projection of the window when in the open position.

Insect screens with canopies are a functional but not a particularly aesthetic method of screening. They are ideal for out of sight windows but in areas, in full public view, they are often considered as the screening method of last resort.

In locations where the canopies face the prevailing wind and rain, the base of the canopy forms a tray which may require frequent cleaning. Occasionally it may be necessary to drill small holes in the base to assist with drainage

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